Auto Driveaway – way to travel across USA for free

In my previous post I mentioned a way to travel across United States very cheap (drive somebody elses car for free) … and via Twitter (thanks @DeloMag) found the thing I was looking for. It’s called Auto Driveaway (check or and it can get you to one part of a country to another if you’re not to picky about free car you’d be driving , you can get it under these conditions:

  • If you are at least 23 years of age or older with a valid driver’s license (foreign travelers also need a passport with valid exit visa), you can travel the United States with Auto Driveaway.
  • A refundable security deposit of approximately $350.00, check with the office that you are driving for to get the exact amount and method of payment on deposit.
  • You will receive the first full tank of gasoline, a certain number of days and an appropriate amount of miles to complete your trip!
  • A current MVR (motor vehicle driver’s record) for ALL drivers will be needed when you arrive at the office to pick up the vehicle. If you do not have a MVR, one will be generated at a cost to the driver(s). Foreign travelers must bring a current Motor Vehicle Record from your home country.

On National Car List are quite a few cars available, so I checked all of them, and some are quite suitable for our little trip …but they advise to call or e-mail each individual office for further information on the vehicles they have available (after the jump)!

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